Tres Amigos

Tres Amigos (Three Friends) is a book about three of the Peanut Logger’s friends –  Pap (his grandfather), Mike the Tractor, and Skelly the non-scarry skeleton.


Pap owned an antique store but everybody in town just called it the junk store. The Peanut Logger, his brother LMNO, and old Pap were sitting in rocking chairs outside the store. Old Pap is the dad of the Peanut Logger’s dad, which makes him LMNO and PL’s grandfather.  Pap was whittling another spaceship.  It looked like all the other ones he’d made and he claimed it was an exact replica of the one that picked him up in the 1960s and dropped him off at a hippy commune.

“So, what was it like inside the space ship?” asked LMNO.  He and his brother had heard the story many times but they still loved it. Every time he told the story it changed, but Pap was a good story teller so it didn’t matter. They were PRETTY SURE he was making it up, but you could never tell for certain with old Pap.

 “Well,” their grandfather said, “it was cool in there..I mean, it was COLD in there because those people came from an ice planet, and they had to put a special kind of ice cube in their mouths so they could talk.  And it sounded like this – glurbble glurbble glub glub.”

The boys tried to keep from laughing and finally the Peanut Logger blurted out “Say it again, Pap, say it again”

“Glurbble glurbble glub glub” said the old timer with a perfectly straight face.  Those boys went ballistic.  They were beside themselves with laughter and PL was rocking so fast he was afraid he might pee in his pants if he laughed any harder.

Just then their dad, the famous inventor drove up, hopped out of his car and said “ Looks like you guys are having a good time. Was it the alligator, the peanut butter jar or the space man this time? Glibble globble gobble?”

“No,” yelled LMNO, “it’s glurbble glurbble glub glub” and they all started laughing again.

Finally, their dad managed to say “Pap, can you help me find a calibration device for my broccoli modulator? I know you used to have one around here somewhere. ”

“Broccoli modulator? What the Dickens are you doing with that old fashioned stuff?” said the inventor’s dad.  Pap pulled his beard for a moment and finally said “Yep, there’s modulators back there, next to the old red refrigerator.  They’re in a wooden box that says “Dynamite” on the outside. Want me to help you find ‘em?” 

“Nah, that’s OK.  I’ll just take the boys to help me look.”

This was the BEST.  To prowl Pap’s junk store with their dad, through the corridors of furniture stacked high with boxes and amazing stuff.

“You know, a lot of this junk has been here since I was a kid” said their dad, pulling out the drawer of a little green desk. “Look here” he said, pointing to the contents of the desk drawer. Actually, there was nothing in the drawer…just a bunch of words written on the bottom of it.


“Bible verses,” said their dad. “Ones I memorized as a boy”

 “Wow, was THIS your desk?” asked LMNO.

His dad didn’t answer but just started to read what was written inside the desk.


 “The reward for humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, honor, and life.”  He kept going “ The word of God is alive and powerful, sharper than any two edged sword….” He kept reading like this but he wasn’t looking at the desk any more, but he was saying it  from memory!

“Wow, you remembered. That is so cool” said LMNO.

“I want it!” said the Peanut Logger. “I can buy it, can’t I?” he asked, looking at the price tag.

“No way, Jose” cried LMNO “I want it. And besides it costs $45 and you only got $32. You’re short, Shorty,  so it’s MINE, fair and square.”

“No way, Fatso, I saw it first. Daaaad…” whined the Peanut Logger.

“All right, that’s enough” said the dad.  “You go talk to Pap about it and I’m going to look for that part.  Now scat” he said, pointing toward the front of the store.

They ran as hard as they could and started yelling before they even got there, “The desk, I want that green desk.  Please Pap, I want the desk. I’ll buy it.”

The other yelled “Let ME buy the desk, Pap. I asked first.”

Pap was surprised and said “OK, OK, sure, but what desk?”

“The green one” shouted PL. “The one where dad wrote on the bottom. The tag says $45.  Can I buy it, Pap?”

“You mean that little green desk, way in the back? That’s right, it WAS your dad’s desk a long time ago.” Then he thought for a minute.

“But you know, your dad used to keep lizards in the bottom drawer.  You still want it?”  

“Oh, YES, I totally want it” shouted LMNO “and I have all the money, but SHRIMPY doesn’t have it so HE doesn’t get it, right Pap?”

“Well, said the old guy, “how much does the SHRIMP have, anyway?” looking right at the Peanut Logger.

“Thirty two bucks” said PL, “but I could work for you for a year. Don’t let FATTY get it, though. He’ll just wreck it!”

Just then their dad showed up, holding an odd looking greasy gadget in his hands. “PL”, he said, “go out to the car with Pap and get your little chain saw and bring it back to where that old desk is.” In the excitement of finding this lost treasure the thought of the broccoli modulator was totally forgotten.

“Right!”, Pap said to the Peanut Logger. “Let’s go get that little saw”, and they trotted out to the car to get it.

LMNO said to his dad, “Let’s go check out your old desk again. I’m gettin’ it,” and they walked back to find it.

When Pap and the Peanut Logger returned their dad said, “OK, young man, use your saw and let’s cut this desk in half.  One side for you and one side for your brother. Right down the middle.”


“Yes” cried LMNO, “that’s only fair. Right down the middle.”

“Go ahead, boy.  Cut it in half” said his grandfather.

 Ruumm, ruumm went the little chainsaw and the Peanut Logger got ready to cut the desk…



To read the rest, buy the book. Ask for it at your local bookstore or get it in paperback on Amazon.