LMNO is the Peanut Logger’s brother -a regular sized eight-year-old.   Sometimes LMNO (pronounced “el-em-en-oh”) forgets to be kind, or nice or courteous and he gets into trouble for being forgetful.  He’s really a good boy with a good heart – he just forgets.  Like some other kids we know!

People ask about his name and here’s what it means:  Lewis Meriwether Normal O‘brian.

Lewis Meriwether because his dad really liked Lewis and Clark; Normal because everybody hoped he would be and O‘brian because it’s an old family name.  For a number of years he was called “Lou-Mary” but that didn’t work. Neither did Louie, although his cousins the Woods girls sometimes call him that.

But he IS looking a bit Irish these days, don’t you think? He appears in all the Peanut Logger stories.