The Peanut Logger

The Peanut Logger is the star of the show, here. He’s just a small guy but he has some pretty big adventures.

Lots of people ask about his name and here’s the scoop:

When he was a tiny baby his parents named him Presley Lucas. Presley because his mom really likes Elvis Presley and has all his records.  She actually FAINTED at one of Elvis’ concerts.  And, the name Lucas because his dad likes that particular book in the bible.

For a while his folks called him Elvis but that didn’t really work.  Then, when he was three his dad caught him cutting down a teensey-weensey tree in their back yard.  At that point he announced “I wanna be a logger” and that was that.  He was so small his parents called him “the Peanut”, but after his announcement they decided it would be better to call him the Peanut Logger.  The initials “PL” work for either Presley Lucas or Peanut Logger, so a lot of friends or family just call him PL.

He appears in all the Peanut Logger stories, along with his brother LMNO.