The Woods

These are the Peanut Logger’s cousins, the Woods girls.  They live near the town of Big River with their mom Auntie Jewel and their dad, big Red Woods, a real logger.

The big girl is Jordy. She knows goats.  Next, Amy the frecklefaced gardener. Then there’s Lea, who always has her pretty nose in a book. The smallest and the roughest is JJ (Jay-Jay) She likes wrestling and bringing in the firewood.

They’re real woods girls so they know lots of cool stuff. Like, how to milk a goat, or make cheese, or make an apple pie, or build a fire.  They appear in the book “Back to the Woods”




Their Dad, Big Red is a natural logger and co-inventor of the Big River Log Tosser. He has a PhD in compter science but likes logging better.




Their Mom, Auntie Jewel is just mom to the kids but she has special talents in clogging and Swedish yodeling.  She’s quite the rage in Baja California where her daughters sometimes perform with her.