Cake is a funny girl who lives down the road from the Peanut Logger.  The boys know her from school and her granny, old Mrs. Brown lives right next door. 







Mrs. Brown is a famous gardner. She gave the boys her dog named Handy because she couldn’t keep him anymore. Cake was left holding the bag.



 Cake has a funny family.  Her dad’s named Josh and his job is to make money, which makes the Peanut Logger and LMNO very suspicious.  They’re pretty sure he’s a counterfit money maker. Her mom’s name is Rhonda, and she has a boat named after her. Cake has a brother who is a sports guy, and his name is “E”  And finally, there’s Brenda, Cake’s older sister who works at the I Love Lucy store in town, next to Pap’s Antiques.  She always wanted to be just like Lucy so she dresses kinda funny. Cake appears in “Boots and Saddles” and “Tres Amigos”