Boots and Saddles


The Peanut Logger’s mom was the prettiest lady in the whole wide world. That’s what their dad had told them and that’s what the Peanut Logger and his little brother LMNO were talking about.

 “She’s the prettiest mom since Noah’s Ark” said the Peanut Logger.

 “No, she’s prettier than that” said LMNO. “She’s as pretty as if you put all the flowers from the world into a box and then got all the candy and put it in there, too.”

 “Amen to that” the little boy said pulling on his red and white cowboy boots.  With a gasp he finally got one on and said “You bet your boots, cowboy.” 

“You bet yer BUTT, cowboy” said his brother, with a wicked smile.

 “’re not supposed to say that” said the Peanut Logger in a quiet voice.

 “OK,” said LMNO, “you bet your boots, then” He knew he would be in BIG TROUBLE if the prettiest lady in the whole wide world heard him say “bet yer butt.” Last week their dad had explained that their Mom had been an expert horseback rider as a little girl and that when she was a teenager she had won prizes at the county rodeo for wrestling cows and for bravery. Their dad said that she was not only the prettiest lady in the world but also the toughest and that she could easily handle a couple of 8-year-olds.

Mom as a teenager

Well, the boys decided to go outside and play with their dog named Handy. He was a hand dog, and he was a second hand or hand-me-down dog. That’s why they called him Handy.  Cake, a girl from school, had a grandmother who could no longer keep Handy so the Peanut Logger’s family said they’d take the dog. The grandma, Mrs. Brown, lived next door to the Peanut Logger and she was happy because she could see Handy whenever she wanted.  The Peanut Logger and his “little brother” LMNO were happy because they got a good, fuzzy, smart dog.  Cake was SORTA happy. 


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