Some History

Everybody who’s heard the stories knows that the Peanut Logger is a little boy. First, he’s little because he’s only an 8-year-old, but besides THAT, he’s little because he’s only 8 inches tall. He was born small, no bigger than a little plastic army man. The twin brother, LMNO (pronounced el-em-en-oh) is regular sized, and at birth it was found that he was clutching the little Peanut Logger in his hand.

 PL (as his friends and family sometimes call him) has an ex-cowgirl for a mom and a famous inventor for a dad.  The dad makes dangerous and exciting inventions in his lab. Some of these were made to help his tiny little son, who wanted nothing more than to be a real logger. Even though the Peanut Logger is a small person, he is a very happy boy with a family that loves and looks out for him.

Here on the Peanut Logger’s website you can find out how he got his name.  Also, it’s here that you can report old fashioned words or phrases.